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A LYNN Vacuum Priming System that is outstanding in its field.

Priming Systems are routinely employed with the use of distribution pumps and siphon systems that provide irrigation. For irrigation of crops above the source water level (river, lake or reservoir), a pump station distributes the water into the irrigation system. Centrifugal pumps are commonly use and Automatic Priming Systems ensure these pumps remain primed and ready for start-up on an as needed basis.APS-06LRTR-30H_AGRICULTURE

Siphons offer the practical method for irrigation or aquaculture below the source water levels. Employing a LYNN Siphon Priming Systems for siphon applications provides for a rapidly prime to initiate siphon flow as well as continuous air removal from out-gasing. The priming system ensures uninterrupted flow for continuous or intermittent flow requirements to meet fluctuating water demands.

IRRIGATION PUMP PRIMING PROTECTIONWhiteKnight Floating Ball Liquid Isolation Valve

WhiteKnight™ Floating Ball Liquid Isolation Valve (patent pending) will give you a visual proof of pump prime and protect your pump from damaging liquid carryover.



Location: East Texas Fish Hatchery Brookeland, TX USA
Engineer: HDR FishPro

Location: Sequoyah National Golf Club Cherokee, NC USA
Engineer: McGill Associates

Location:  Whitman Lake Fish Hatchery Siphon, Ketchikan, AK
Engineer: CF Malm/LYNN

Location: Esopus, NY
Engineer: LYNN



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