LYNN Automatic Vacuum Priming System

Pumps for the circulation and distribution of liquids are crucial in countless industrial applications. Centrifugal pumps typically offer the best, most efficient choice to meet the flow and head requirements. A LYNN Vacuum Priming System ensures these pumps remain fully primed at all times.


Off Loading SystemsLYNN Vacuum Priming System-Glycol Tranfer Assist

Location: Pacific Coast Terminals, Port Moody, BC
Engineer: Sacre-Davey/LYNN

Steel Mill

Location: Arcelor Mittal, East Chicago, IN
Engineer: LYNN

Location: Greater Ohio Ethanol, Lima, OH
Engineer: SSOE, Inc.

Membrane Filtration

Location: Columbia WWTP, Bogota,
Columbia South America

Engineer: Doosan Hydo Technology, Inc.


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