Water and Wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations represent one of the largest users of centrifugal pumps. LYNN Automatic Vacuum Priming Systems allows the plant designer and owner/operator to specify the most reliable choice of pumps and system design for their vital needs.

LYNN specializes in the application of vacuum priming systems for centrifugal pumps, providing the widest selection of vacuum pumps, materials of construction and special duty coatings to meet the individual requirements of each facility.

With systems installed throughout the world, LYNN Automatic Vacuum Priming Systems are the first choice for system reliability and low maintenance system design.



Water & Wastewater Treatment

Location: Hanlan Pumping Station, Region of Peel Ontario Canada
Engineer: KMK Engineers

Location: Allengany County Sanitary Dist. George’s Creek, Westernport, MD
Engineer: Stearns & Wheler LLC

Location: Calumet City Water Pump Station, Calumet City, IL
Engineer: Robinson Engineering Co.
Installation video

Stormwater Management

Location: Union Park Retention Treatment Facility MWRA Boston, MA USA
Engineer: Metcalff & Eddy/AECOM

Location: Briarcliff Manor Pump Station, Briarcliff Manor, NY USA
Engineer: Hazen & Sawyer

Location: New Croton Aqueduct Pump Station
Engineer: Dolph Rotfeld Engineering

Rainwater Harvesting

Location: Delaware Solid Waste Authority, Area A/B Wetlands&Landfull Phyto-Cap, Delaware USA
Engineer: GeoSyntec Consultants

Membrane Filter Plant

Location: Carter Lake, Berthoud, CO
Engineer: LYNN


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