Product Overview

Vacuum Priming Systems

Every LYNN Priming System is designed to insure years of reliable, low maintenance for trouble free service.

Pre-Engineered and Custom

LYNN offers a complete line of high quality vacuum priming system designs.

Standard models included:


All LYNN systems can be customized to meet any specific application requirement.

When project specified systems are required, LYNN excels at providing full compliance in system design and construction. Specification assistance during the design stage assures your client will receive the most appropriate and economical solution for their needs.

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Priming System Options

LYNN offers accessories and optional features which enhance the performance, protection and operational control for any system.


End Liquid Carryover from Destroying Your Vacuum Pump

WhiteKnight™ Floating Ball Liquid Isolation Valve-patent pending

WhiteKnight Floating Ball Liquid Isolation Valve

  • No more unreliable expensive water traps
  • No more high maintenance ineffective equipment
  • No more frequent visual inspections to prevent loss of prime

Connecting WhiteKnight™ inline with your process equipment will automatically isolate your vacuum pump from fluid carryover. Unlike water traps which still allow carryover and require monitoring, the WhiteKnight™ offers complete protection and can be setup for continuous unattended service.

Read more about the WhiteKnight™ -patent pending and watch our video


LYNN Adds Process Vacuum Systems To Their Product Line

LYNN Process Vacuum SystemProcess Vacuum System

LYNN Process Vacuum Systems are automatically pressure controlled through the combination of a pressure transmitter and a PLC that can be programmed for optimum application efficiency.

Featuring oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps, typical uses include molding, packaging, printing, laboratory applications, food processing, laminating, PCB manufacturing and more. Read more about LYNN Process Vacuum System.

With installations throughout the world, LYNN Vacuum Priming System designs have evolved through years of demanding real-world use in water and wastewater treatment plants, steel mills, power, mining, agriculture, marine and commercial applications. We offer a comprehensive range of support capabilities from design analysis and pre-project specification assistance through commissioning and training.
LYNN Reliable through design