Centrifugal & Turbine Pump Priming Systems

LYNN Duplex Vacuum Priming System

Every LYNN priming system is designed to insure years of reliable, low maintenance and trouble free service. LYNN specializes in providing full project specified compliance in system design and construction. LYNN offers a full line of pre-engineered simplex and duplex priming systems for On-Demand or Automatic priming applications. All LYNN systems can be customized to meet any specific application requirement. Learn more about Centrifugal & Turbine Pump Priming Systems.

Siphon Control & Siphon Assist Systems

Vacuum Priming Systems for Siphons

LYNN offers stand alone systems for establishing and maintaining siphon prime, or advanced systems to automatically control the flow to maintain desired water levels within secondary containment sumps. Learn more about our Siphon Priming Systems.

Condenser Water Box & Circulating Water Pump Priming Systems

LYNN Water Box Priming System

For the power industry, LYNN offers application and project specific Water Box Priming System designs to ensure maximum condenser efficiency. A LYNN Water Box Priming System gets your circulating water pumps started and keeps the condenser’s water box evacuated of air. LYNN Water Box Priming Systems are an economical and efficient way to peak your condenser’s performance. Learn more about LYNN Water Box Priming Systems.

Process Vacuum Systems

Process Vacuum System

LYNN Process Vacuum Systems are automatically pressure controlled through the combination of a pressure transmitter and a PLC that can be programmed for optimum application efficiency. Learn more about LYNN Process Vacuum Systems.

LYNN Reliable through design