Siphon Priming Systems

Vacuum Priming Systems for Siphons

LYNN has Siphon Priming Systems to meet your application.

Siphon priming systems perform two primary duties, establishing the initial prime to the suction piping, and maintaining the prime due to air in-leakage and air outgassing in the circulating water.

A simplex priming system is adequate, especially with relatively small loads. For critical applications that cannot afford to be down, a duplex priming system provides backup capabilities in the event of vacuum pump failure.

We can provide a LYNN Siphon Priming System constructed to meet any demanding environment application your project presents.

LYNN offers expert design and sizing assistance for selecting the best solution for your siphon application. Click here for more on Siphon Control & Assist.

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LYNN Siphon Vacuum Priming System

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