Priming System Options


LYNN offers an array of system options to address a projects specific application.

WatchTower™Automatic Purge Control

LYNN’s WatchTower™Automatic Purge Control offers maximum vacuum pump protection against pump flooding and moisture build up in the oil. A cost saving feature LYNN Automatic Purge Control reduces maintenance and frequency of oil changes and helps maintain the vacuum pumps in peak performance. Learn more about WatchTower™Automatic Purge Control to protect your vacuum pumps.

WatchDog™Automatic Vacuum Tank Drain

LYNN’s WatchDog™ Automatic Vacuum Tank Drain feature provides the ultimate protection against priming system shut-down due to water build up in the receiver. For remote installations and when equipment can not be monitored on a regular basis, this is an absolute must. This is an add on feature and does not undermine or replace any standard features of a system. Draining is automatic and is accomplished without interruption of the system operation. Learn more about WatchDog™Automatic Vacuum Tank Drains for Vacuum Priming Systems.

WhiteKnight™ Floating Ball Liquid Isolation Valve-patent pending

LYNN’s WhiteKnight™ connects inline with your process equipment and will automatically isolate your vacuum pump from fluid carryover. Learn more about WhiteKnight™ Floating Ball Liquid Isolation Valve to end liquid carryover from destroying your vacuum pump.

Special Application Construction

Priming Valve Assemblies

LYNN Priming Valve Assemblies are available in several sizes to meet the flow requirements of the application and can be combined in duplex configuration when high flow or redundancy is required. Priming valves can be furnished with several construction options to further enhance their function or meet project requirements. Learn more about LYNN Priming Valve Assemblies.

Retrofitting Systems

When you have a vacuum priming system that does not meet your current needs, but has not out lived its’ useful life, retrofitting may be a cost effective alternative to replacement of the entire system. Learn more about LYNN Vacuum Priming System Retrofitting.

Vacuum Priming System Type

Vacuum Pump Type

LYNN vacuum priming system designs provide our customers with a selection of vacuum pump technologies and materials of construction to best suit the requirements and preferences of their installation. Learn more about LYNN Vacuum Pump Types.

Water Traps

Water Traps are a see through liquid separator that provides isolation between the vacuum pump and priming process. Used primarily with our On-Demand line of priming systems, they provide visual indication of any water carry over during the priming process. Learn more about LYNN Water Traps.





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