WatchDog™Automatic Vacuum Tank Drain

Uninterrupted System Operation

For remote installations and when equipment cannot be monitored on a regular daily basis, this is an absolute must.

Unlike draining applications with compressed air tanks, draining vacuum tanks require a completely different process. Mandatory to the process, draining must not interfere with the vacuum system operation.

LYNN’s WatchDog™Automatic Vacuum Tank Drain provides the ultimate protection against vacuum system shut-down due to water build-up in the receiver.  The WatchDog™Automatic Vacuum Tank Drain maybe an add-on feature or a stand-alone system. As an add-on feature WatchDog™ can easily be installed into new or existing systems that does not undermine or replace any standard features of a vacuum system.

LYNN WatchDog™Automatic Tank Drain

As water accumulates in the vacuum reservoir the level switch will close and initiate the drain cycle. The solenoid valves will sequence isolating the lower tank from the vacuum receiver, vent and open the drain solenoid allowing water to be drained completing the cycle.

Draining is automatic and is accomplished without interruption to system operation.

Protection for Every System

LYNN’s WatchDog™Automatic Vacuum Tank Drain is offered as an integrated system feature or a stand-alone system.


Stand-alone WatchDog™ systems are supplied with 120V power cord. 220V power cord option is available.

Let LYNN help you solve a vacuum tank flooding problem with an LYNN WatchDog™Automatic Vacuum Tank Drain.

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