LYNN Priming Valve Assemblies

Essential Components for Vacuum Pump Priming Systems

LYNN Priming Valve Assemblies are available in several sizes to meet the flow requirements of the application and can be combined in duplex configuration when high flow is required. Priming valves can be furnished with several construction options to further enhance their function or meet project requirements.

Priming Valve Assemblies

LYNN Priming Valves Assemblies serve as a means to isolate the water side from the vacuum side of a pressure controlled priming application. The basic priming valve is a normally open valve that closes with the rise of water into the valve. Closure of the valve is achieved through a positive linkage connection between a ball float and the discharge seat. With a vacuum applied to the exhaust side of the priming valve, water will rise from the source up into the priming valve through the connected suction side piping. As the water level rises in the priming valve the float also rises and closes against the seat. Thus isolating water from flooding into the vacuum (or dry) side of the process.LYNN Duplex Priming Valve Assembly

LYNN Priming Valve Assemblies are standard with:

-Type 316 stainless steel trim and floats,

-Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for drinking water components,

-Meet AWWA C512 requirements.

-Fusion bonded epoxy (FBE),

-High/low pressure resilient seating,

-Full pipe size inlets and outlets provide maximum protection.

The priming valve will automatically close when fluid enters the valve causing the stainless steel float to rise, thus lifting the stainless steel plug against the Buna-N seat.

Construction options include:


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