Space Constraints Construction

Vertical & Skid Mounted Vacuum Priming System Assemblies

LYNN Vertical tank mounted and skid mounted assemblies with vertical tank are ideal for accommodating space and access constraints. Vertical tank mounted assemblies are available in both simplex and duplex versions.

LYNN Vertical Tank Mount Vacuum Priming System

Unitary Base

Large Capacity priming systems can be located where space is limited. The above drawing of a duplex vacuum priming system has a mere 72″ x 55″ foot print, includes 10 HP liquid ring vacuum pumps, a 240 gallon vertical vacuum receiver, and is furnished fully assembled onto a common base. This LYNN Vacuum Priming System will establish a prime to 2,000 Ft3 of suction piping requiring a 20 foot lift, in under 10 minutes, and will easily maintain a prime to a bank of centrifugal pumps allowing immediate start-up when needed.

Stacked Design

LYNN’s Stacked Design minimizes overall system footprint of this 20 HP Duplex Vacuum Priming System with 630 gallon vacuum receiver shown on the right. LYNN Vacuum Priming System Stacked DesignThis option with its modular design minimizes handling difficulties associated with large unitary base systems, especially if equipment is to be located within an existing building.

System sizes through our APD-200RV-240V in stacked design are also able to fit through 36″ doorways so that they can be readily located in hard to access areas.


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