Water Traps

LYNN Water Trap

Water Traps are a see through liquid separator that provides isolation between the vacuum pump and priming process.

Used primarily with our On-Demand line of priming systems, they provide visual indication of any water carry over during the priming process. A stainless steel mesh screen and ball float prohibits liquid and debris from damaging the vacuum pump. LYNN Water Traps are furnished assembled with inlet and outlet process isolation valves, vacuum gauge with gauge valve and drain and vent valves. For special applications LYNN Water Traps are also furnished with level switches.

For automatic priming systems water traps are typically not used or recommended. Unless properly set up they represent a nuisance to the operator by regularly isolating the priming system from the pumps it is supposed to prime. For an automatic priming system LYNN recommends the use of a Automatic Purge Control.

An alternative Reliable vacuum pump protection from fluid carryover checkout LYNN’s WhiteKnight™ Floating Ball Liquid Isolation Valve.

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