WhiteKnight™ Floating Ball Liquid Isolation Valve


WhiteKnight™ Floating Ball Liquid Isolation Valve

Industries utilizing vacuum pumps have long been plagued by failure of equipment meant to protect vacuum pumps from liquid carryover.

Flooding of vacuum pumps can cause severe and complete damage. See through liquid separators, also know as water traps have often been employed as a common method of protection. We have found and have heard from field representatives this technology is inadequate for the purpose of isolating vacuum pumps from liquids

LYNN’s experts are on it. Evaluation of methods for isolating vacuum pumps from harmful liquid has led to the conceptualization and creation of the WhiteKnight™-patent pending.


Operating Principals:

Connecting WhiteKnight™ inline with your process equipment will automatically isolate your vacuum pump from fluid carryover. A clear PVC body providesvisual indication of rising liquid, and a ball float provides fail safe, leak tight protection.WhiteKnight-Irrigation Appl

Unlike water traps which still allow carryover and require monitoring, the WhiteKnight™ offers complete protection and can be setup for continuous unattended service.



Optional Equipment Available:

The WhiteKnight™ may be provided with optional add-on features to enhance maintenance and performance.


Put WhiteKnight™ in your corner for Reliable vacuum pump protection. Check out our WhiteKnight™video!

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