Duplex Vacuum Priming Systems

A LYNN Duplex Vacuum Priming System is the recommended choice for critical applications or when priming several pumps off of or from one system.

In a duplex vacuum priming system both vacuum pumps are used to establish the initial prime. The duplex priming system then alternates between vacuum pumps to maintain the prime. LYNN Duplex Vacuum Priming SystemIn the event one pump cannot keep up with the load, the second vacuum pump automatically comes on.

With the advantage of being able to run both vacuum pumps during initial prime smaller vacuum pumps can be selected without reduction of performance. During normal operation only one pump runs maximizing efficiency, reducing power consumption and vaccuum pump and motor run time.  A duplex system also acts as a safe guard in the event one of the vacuum pumps fail, the priming system remains functional, no down time.LYNN Duplex Vacuum Priming System



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