Condenser Water Box & Circulating Water Pump Priming Systems

LYNN offers application and project specific Water Box Priming System designs to ensure maximum condenser efficiency.

A LYNN Water Box Priming System gets your circulating water pumps on-line quickly and keeps the condenser’s water box evacuated of air for optimal heat transfer.

LYNN Water Box Priming Systems are furnished as tank or skid mounted duplex systems (100% duty back-up ).

LYNN Water Box Priming System









Water box priming systems provide air removal from the water boxes of the main steam condenser. This process removes air that outgasses at the low pressure suction of the tube side circulating water allowing for maximum heat transfer. Water box primers frequently provide a prime to the circulating water pumps and often support a siphon flow through he condenser to minimize the head requirements of the circulating water pumps.

Having a system flooded and filled at start-up does not mean it will operate at peak performance. The negative pressure at the discharge piping causes air to leak into the discharge piping and water box. Due to the operating temperature and pressure, even in a tight system air and other non-condensables will come out of solution creating air pockets. This accumulation of air will have two effects:LYNN Water Box Priming System

 1. It will expose the top condenser tubes which will reduce the cooling efficiency of the condenser and

2. Over time, air accumulation will eventually break the siphon causing excessive loading and reduced flow capacity in the circulating water pump.


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